About Us

Mission Statement

Alleviating pain anywhere and anytime at the tap of a button.

Our Story

Daniel was active and grew up playing various sports. His passion for sports and hard work brought him from the little leagues into playing volleyball competitively at the Ontario Provincial level. 

As an athlete, this came at a cost. In every year of high school, he had visited the physiotherapist for injuries and ailments- the most persistent of them was lower back pain. He continued to play in semi-competitive leagues in university and the pain worsened after transitioning from school into an office job where he sat at a desk for 8+ hours a day. It affected his posture and amplified soreness.

He continued to seek professional help and turned to trying various products. He learned about percussion massagers from a friend. Ever since then, he purchased his own device and his pain has subsided and has been better managed. He no longer needed to fit appointments into his schedule for therapy as he had access to the convenience of having the device whenever he needed it. The rapid percussion from the foam ball head helped to loosen muscles within minutes.

In April of 2020, Daniel and his brother, Kadin, decided to start Allevegun with a mission to make pain relief portable and readily available within minutes. They seek to provide everyday people with education and consultation on how to effectively use at home devices.